The Yearbook of MIT

About Technique

Since 1885, our staph have crafted a beautiful annual of photographs and prose commemorating each year at MIT.


Our staph send off our 400 page annual to the publisher in February and release the book in May every year. As students and alumni of MIT, we take great care to showcase MIT in its truest form, candidly, at its best and at its worst. We know how tough the Institute can be, and we know how rewarding it is to get to the other side.

Technique's staph are also responsible for running the yearly 24-hour event A Day in the Life of MIT, where anyone on MIT’s campus can submit a photographic journal of their day to a common website. The last ADITL happened on September 22, 2011.


We hold regular meetings at 1pm on Saturday in W20-451. Anyone is welcome to attend. We have photographic equipment for borrowing and often teach various photography and design related seminars at this time.

During book season, fall term through IAP, we hold regular meetings during the week where the various editors of each Technique section come in and do work. This is the best time to get involved with the process of crafting a yearbook.


Many of our staph are part time (or full time) photographers and/or designers, as well as MIT students and alumni. Most of our staph are free of infection.

It takes no experience to join Technique. Our dedicated staph are committed to helping everyone who's willing to learn, especially when it's about photography or design.

H.R.H. Grogo

If you hang around Technique often, you will see this name plastered everywhere. You will also see many gorillas. This is because our mascot is a gorilla and his name is H.R.H. Grogo.

"But why?" you ask. We don't know either, but H.R.H. Grogo has been there since the beginning, inscribed in the back of the very first Technique, and has been there ever since. We're not quite sure how or when he became a gorilla.

Technique 2015 Managing Board

These are the people elected with the responsibility to get things done.

Carolina Kaelin
Kirsten Lim
Managing Editor
Sarah Liu
Junior Managing Editor
Akimitsu Hogge
Office Manager
Gal Koren
Design Editor
Baily Zuniga
Junior Design Editor
Julie Ko
Photography Editor
Walter Menendez
Photography Editor
Marol Escajeda
Junior Photography Editor
Elisa Young
Junior Photography Editor
Aaron Baumgarten
Film Editor
Rachel Aviles
Junior Film Editor
Joseff Kolman
Junior Film Editor
Kojo Aquah
Activities Editor
Julia Huang
Junior Activities Editor
Kristin Wiseman
Journal Editor
Boryana Doyle
Junior Journal Editor
Andrei Ivanov
Sports Editor
Joseph Lee
Sports Editor
Landon Carter
Junior Sports Editor
Jennifer Huang
Living Groups Editor
Tara Lee
Junior Living Groups Editor
Grace Li
Junior Living Groups Editor
Rachel Fong
ADITL Editor
Harini Suresh
Publicity Director
QeeQee Gao
Junior Publicity Director
Nasir Adaya
Techno Czar
Jenelle Feather
Coke Pusher
Ta-Chung Ong
Technique Evangelist
Biyeun Buczyk
Contributing Editor
Meng Heng Touch
Contributing Editor
Greg Kuperman
Contributing Editor
Quentin Smith
Contributing Editor
Alan Xu
Contributing Editor

Council of Elders

After working for Technique and serving as managing board members for many years, they now provide guidance and wisdom.

Nick Wiltsie
Technique 2010 to 2011
Dave Templeton
Technique 2004 to 2011
Carrie Niziolek
Technique 2001 to 2010
Eric Schmiedl
Technique 2008 to 2009
Marcos Ojeda
Technique 2005 to 2006