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Technique 2017

The yearbook of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, dedicated to the Class of 2017.

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Technique 2017

Technique 2017 captures the essence of MIT undergraduate life in photographs and stories. Our 400 page annual showcases award-winning photography, graphic design, and poignant writing from a talented and diverse sampling of MIT students.

Sections include: Life in Hell—a photographic essay of MIT student life. Journal—a timline notable events at the Institute and around the world during the calendar year of 2016. Activities—featuring MIT’s diverse community of student groups. Sports—candid photographs of MIT athletes at their best. Living Groups—photographs of the members of nearly every dorm community, fraternity, sorority, and independent living group. Seniors—portraits of the 2017 senior class.

Technique 2017 is a tribute not only to the students of today, but to the traditions that have shaped their undergraduate experience and the paths that they will take tomorrow.

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