The Yearbook of MIT

Living Groups, schedule a group photo

We want your living group to appear in the MIT yearbook, Technique 2019.

  1. Have your Living Group’s representative schedule a group photo with our photographers.

    Schedule Photo
  2. How would your group liked to be photographed?

    Technique is an outlet for groups to showcase their creativity. Plan where & how you’d like the photo taken with our photographers.

  3. We take a dozen or so photos, your group picks the best one.

    Our photographer will contact your group shortly after the portrait date and work with your group leaders to choose the best photograph.

Living Group Pricing

Including the portrait in the yearbook is completely free.

Sample Living Group Crest Including a crest or coat-of-arms for your group costs $30.

Sample Living Group Photo > See example Living Group Page

For $150, your group will be guaranteed a full page in the yearbook along with a "ghostie" diagram labeled with the names of everyone in the picture.

With this purchase, your group will also be provided with full resolution file for your living group's use.

Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Technique 2019 for $90.

Books will arrive in May before graduation. Prices will go back to $120 after February 14th.

Pre-order Technique 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

When do Living Group portraits generally happen?
We schedule Living Group portraits throughout the Fall Semester, usually during October and November. We take the most portraits on the weekend but can work with you to determine a time during the week if need be.
What should we wear?
This entirely depends on the culture of your group. Most fraternities and sororities wear formal attire, while dorms and ILGs run the gamut from formal to zany. We recommend deciding upon the dress code in advance within your living group.
Where are the photos taken?
Wherever you want! We just ask that, if you choose an unconventional location, you don't get our photographer injured or arrested.