The Yearbook of MIT

Class of 2019, get your picture taken

How to get your picture in the yearbook:

  1. Visit Prestige Portraits scheduling page. Create an account and sign up for your photos!

    Schedule a Portrait
  2. Schedule an appointment

    Select a time and date for your sitting.

  3. Your biographical info will be printed underneath your portrait in the yearbook. If you want to update your bio, email us here!

    Fill Out Your Bio
Technique's Office, W20-451

On the date & time of your appointment, come to our office in the Student Center (W20-451) and pose for the camera.

Proofs of your images will be sent to your permanent address within a few weeks.

Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Technique 2019 for $90.

Books will arrive in May before graduation. Prices will go back to $120 after February 14th.

Pre-order Technique 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

When do Senior Sittings generally happen?
We schedule sittings in the spring semester for rising seniors and in the fall semester for current seniors. Please check the portrait studio’s website for available appointment dates and times.
What should I wear?
The portrait shows what you’re wearing down to the bottom of your ribcage. We request that you dress as if you were going to a job interview or a nice restaurant. To make sure you are looking just perfect, we provide a full length mirror in our office and there are restrooms nearby. If you'd like feel free to bring an interesting prop.
Can I buy prints?
Yes - just not from us. We contact with Prestige Portraits to handle the portraits, so please examine the proofs package you or your parents should have received to find ordering information.