About Us

Since 1885, our staph have crafted a beautiful annual of photographs and prose commemorating each year at MIT.

We are MIT's photography, yearbook, and design student organization. Every year, our staph send off our 400 page annual to the publisher in February and release the book in May every year. As students and alumni of MIT, we take great care to showcase MIT in its truest form, candidly, at its best and at its worst. We know how tough the Institute can be, and we know how rewarding it is to get to the other side.

In addition to designing the MIT yearbook, Technique supports the campus photography community by providing equipment rentals, event photography services, and studio space for students. We manage a photo studio and darkroom in the Stratton Student Center for convenient access.

How to Join

Undergraduate and graduate students can join Technique by adding themselves to the technique-interest@mit.edu mailing list using this link. Emails will be sent there about training sessions.


Scanned versions of old Technique yearbooks are available below. Unfortunately, Technique is unable to give public online access to yearbooks that have been published within the last 75 years. We give access to archives on a best-effort basis, and any questions can be directed to technique@mit.edu.

View archives here.

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